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Beyond Series - Sometimes love needs a little help from beyond
Book 1 Beyond Attraction (A Holiday Novella)


Single mom Cassie is nowhere near ready to love again. It’s only been a year since her husband passed away. But when a neighborhood emergency brings an old crush, Seattle cop Doug Mendez, to her door, her libido awakens. Her heart might not be ready for commitment, but a no-strings-attached affair with the king of hookups might be just what the doctor ordered.

Doug needs a date to his sister’s Christmastime wedding. Since he’s been taking a break from dating, he has no prospects, but a cute woman he meets on the job—and who happens to be an old friend of his sister’s—agrees to step up. On one condition: that he reintroduce her to sex in a casual hookup. Charitable guy that he is, he agrees, but soon realizes he wants more from Cassie than a holiday bargain.

This is an updated edition of Holiday Bargain, Arouse You

Heat Level 4/5 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

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