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$9.99 (reg $17.96)

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Audible, Chirp, iTunes, Kobo

$24 (reg $99.80)

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Amazon, B&N, Walmart

$32 (reg $59.96)

Now bundled for the first time!
Get the 4-book Highland Wishes Box Set and SAVE!

Pick Your Flavor

Jessi has a series for every reader

What if the worst moment of your life could be undone? What if that moment was 9/11? A divorced nurse makes a wish and finds herself back in her 23-year-old body on September 10th, 2001. What she does next has the potential to save thousands of lives and change the future forever.

Construction workers and cops who are rough around the edges but can be tender when it counts. These tough guys need a little help from Beyond to claim the women they love.

Time is no barrier for a Highlander in love. When skirmishing is a way of life, it’s second nature to fight for what you want. These kilted heroes each want a woman thrust into their path by magic, and each will fight enemies, dragons, disgraced gods, and even fate, itself, to claim their brides. *Available in German

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