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A Turn Back Time Novel
What if the worst moment of your life could be undone?

An impossible wish

As the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, trauma nurse Lydia Clay sees an unusual shooting star, a fireball. Such a special star deserves a special wish. An impossible wish. She wishes that somehow the attacks of 9/11 could have been stopped and all those people saved. The next morning, she wakes up in the Brooklyn apartment she called home during nursing school. The date is September 10th, 2001. Impossibly, she has been given the opportunity to answer her own wish. The only question is, how?


An unlikely alliance

Washington Post journalist Ian Greenberg wants to write about terrorism but according to his editor, it’s a non-topic. With his local politics column due, he needs to spend his Monday writing. But a cagey woman derails his plans when she calls and promises a lead on a terrorism story. By meeting her on a writing day, he thinks he’s risking his career, but there’s much more at stake. Because Mystery-Lead Lady doesn’t have a lead for him at all. What she does have is information about an attack scheduled to take place the very next day. And she needs Ian’s help to stop it.

A race against evil

To undo a terrible wrong, a woman from the future and a skeptical journalist with government connections must turn back the clock on evil.

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"I've come to love Jessi Gage's romance novels, and was a little hesitant how a different type of genre might feel from her. But, guys, she takes you on the same amazing journey. If you love the suspense of a Dan Brown novel, or any type of clock countdown thriller, this will be right up your alley." 


-Author Aimee Robinson

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"This is a wonderfully written "What if?" novel. The story flows nicely, the characters are well written and believable and the ending...well, you'll just have to read it to find out about that."


-Goodreads reader Michelle

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