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Highland Wishes Book 2
Finding redemption in the arms of a wolf-man

Anya’s been a bad girl. A vindictive plot against one of her clansmen backfired, resulting in her grave injury. Scarred and crippled, she finds nothing lovely about herself, and doesn’t expect anyone else to either. But when a magical wishing box sends her to another dimension, she becomes the most valuable prize imaginable. 


While hunting a rare marbled boar, Riggs, a trapper in Marann’s western forest, hears a strange cry. Distracted from the hunt, he loses the sow but finds instead something more valuable than a whole cart packed with marbled boar skins. A woman. She is delicate, and her ears are curiously rounded. She is not wolfkind. Maybe she is the miracle his people have been hoping for. 


Riggs must bring Anya to King Magnus, because breeding rights belong first and foremost to His Majesty, who needs an heir. But the female calls to a primal part of him. He longs to keep her in secret and take her as his mate. But if he gives in to the temptation, he could single handedly bring about the end of civilization. 

"[Anya's] redemption was believable, and her HEA well deserved."


-5-star Amazon review, S. Patel

"Big, well hung wolf men from another realm who appreciate women for all the right reasons--that's what awaited me in this exciting sequel!"


-Mary Ann Loesch, All Things Writing

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