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Beyond Series - Sometimes love needs a little help from  beyond
Book 1 Beyond Reckless (A Hurt-Comfort Romance)
Sometimes it takes a miracle to find forgiveness


Divorced construction worker Derek has anger management issues. Acting rashly on the freeway, he causes an accident. His truck escapes unscathed, but he can’t say the same for his conscience. Visions of the wreck haunt his dreams, but they’re always followed by the sweet caresses and soothing words of a beautiful woman who calls to everything male in him. 


Cami assumes she is dead. With no memory of her past, all she knows is endless fog and the occasional visit to a darkened bedroom where she comforts a man battling nightmares. When she wakes in a hospital bed and regains her memory, she assumes the ruggedly-handsome Derek was no more than a figment of her concussed mind. 


As Cami recovers, she learns that Derek is not only real but also the driver charged with causing her accident. She should be furious with him, but their inexplicable nights together showed her a tender side beneath his rough exterior. Will she let one reckless mistake drive them apart, or will forgiveness have the right of way? 

This is an updated edition of Road Rage, Reckless, Hurt You

Heat Level 4/5 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

"Simply enthralling and I could not put it down. Once I sat down with my Kindle I just couldn't make myself stop!" 


-Becca, Breathless Ink

"This is a superb, well-written, and nuanced romance about a man with anger issues who causes injury to someone and realizes he has to do something about his problem. I love how absolutely real and three-dimensional Derek feels as a character." 


-Amy Raby, fantasy romance author 

"The characters were beautiful and flawed and so deeply written."


-Goodreads reader Jessica

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