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Highland Wishes Book 4
Faith is trusting the truth your heart knows

Danu, goddess of Wolfkind, has fallen for a mortal. Ever since fate thrust her into the body of a mortal woman, potent desires have plagued her. Surely, returning to her true form will cure her of the longing to fall into bed with the handsome King Magnus. Unfortunately, in her current state, she has no power to transform herself. Worse, she has no power to save her people from the wicked demigod intent on subjugating them.


King Magnus has waited fifty years for Seona, the human woman prophesied to become his queen and the mother of his heir. Now that he has her, she wants nothing to do with him. Until a terrible accident steals her memory. Where Seona once hated him, she now flirts with him. Where she once fled his protective custody, she now marvels at every nuance of life within his castle walls.


Magnus has been betrayed too many times to trust easily. Seona’s new behavior is suspect. But try as he might, he cannot deny his growing passion for her. Just when he begins to believe Seona will finally be his in every way, he learns a truth that rocks him to his core and puts his kingdom in peril. To save his people, he must rely on a new, fragile faith that challenges everything he thought he knew, and risk losing a love that transcends mortality.

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"This is the 4th book in this series. And I have loved every single word on every single page. What a fantastic story telling imagination this author has. And then to put it all on paper!! So amazing. So entertaining. This story gave me all the feels. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF EM!! I am happy that i have them downloaded as i am sure I will be reading them all again...Thank you Jessi Gage for your wonderful talent. Keep on writing!"

-Amazon Reviewer Shelly Shaw

"Jessi Gage is superbly talented and will take you into a world you never knew existed....  Well done Ms. Gage you have outdone yourself.


-Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer Alison Pridie

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The King’s Highlander


Footsteps sounded on stairs of stone as Danu’s jailor descended to her.

Within her cell, she drew herself up to her full height. All she had left was her pride. It was the one thing Hyrk could never take from her.


“Good morning, my fair beauty.” His imperious voice penetrated the silence. The torches in the walls, ever glowing with crimson light, created slashes of shadows where rocks jutted from the dungeon floor. Hyrk sailed graceful around the obstacles, so familiar with the path, he could no doubt walk it blindfolded. Clothed in his usual finery, and smelling of lavender baths, he reminded her of the luxuries she’d once taken for granted.


Hatred pulsed in her chest. If she weren’t surrounded by bars of cold-iron, she would use that hatred to sear him where he stood. The immortal demigod wouldn’t die from it, sadly, but it would take him time to heal, time during which she would not have to suffer his presence.


“I have the most wonderful news, my dear.” He clasped his hands before his belt, looking positively gleeful.


She did not encourage him to deliver his news. Anything Hyrk considered good was sure to displease her greatly.


“Wolfkind’s population has finally, finally, dipped below six thousand! Isn’t it fantastic?” Beneath slicked-back hair the color of fresh blood, he positively beamed.


She closed her eyes against a wave of grief. In the absence of her blessing, her people had steadily declined in number, especially the women. Each death added thickness to the bars of her cell. Soon, wolfkind would be extinct, and she would be worse than dead, forever sealed inside a box made from her failure as a goddess.


“Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.” Hyrk’s tone sank to slimy depths. “You have the power to free yourself. To save them. We will rule them together. As one flesh, joined by Sacred Tradition. What say you? Is this the day you hold to your word and become my wife?” The question was the same every morning.


As was her answer. “No.”

What reader's are saying
"My absolute favorite of the series! I had to force myself to put it down so that I didn't finish it in a day. I loved everything about it, the diversity of characters, the twists and turns, downfalls and victories, and the love. I'll say no more because I don't like spoilers. Let yourself get lost in this story!"--Linda Cook, Goodreads reader
"I don’t often go directly to authors to ask to review a book, but I made an exception this time.  I had great expectations for King’s Highlander and I was not disappointed one bit.... [King's Highlander is]  full of energy and action and high emotions. I would not miss this story for the world!"--Riley Moreland, Book Reviewer & Blogger
For Riley's whole review, visit Whisky With my Book
"A wonderful ending to a mystical series. Joyful and intricate, it may well be my favorite of her books. Well worth the read."--Amy Turner, Goodreads reader
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