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And that is worth something to me

To show my appreciation, I'm giving you my novella AROUSE YOU. It's a $0.99 value. I wish it could be more, because YOU deserve more, but the truth is, as an independent author, I have to mind my resources.

One day, I will be rich and famous and I will be able to invite all my readers over for a pool party (in my so-far-only-imaginary pool). But for now, this is what I got. I hope you like it!

Click the FREE GIFT button below or the book cover to access your copy of AROUSE YOU. You will be redirected to InstaFreebie, where you will enter your name and email address (are your fingers getting tired yet?).

Don't worry. You won't be double-entered as a newsletter subscriber.

Thank You, Wonderful Reader!

Did You Know...

Subscribing to an author's newsletter makes you part of their engine?

YOU are saying you like what I do as a writer


YOU are cheering me on as I create more stories


YOU are vounteering to be the crest of the sales wave whenever I have a new release (if you want the new release, that is, and if you have found yourself on this secret page, you probably do).

I could not do what I do without YOU!

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